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Software Development

In modern IT environments business and technological requirements are frequently dependent on each other and change dynamically. Newly arising requirements have the potential to entail extensive changes and extensions which might require a unique know-how and a substantial number of man-days. Complex software projects could quickly go beyond the limitation of available human ressources.

We are happy to help you successfully achieve your project goals.

Standardized SoftwareThe cost-effective alternative to individual software.

You are in need of a solution that helps in quickly implementing a cost-saving project? A solution that is readly available, proved and tested in functionality and quality? In this case, a standard solution may be the best choice for you.


Individual SoftwareWhen standard solutions are not your solution.

You have individual requirements that cannot be covered by typical standard solutions? You might opt for an individual software that is tailored to your needs. Damit sichern Sie sich den nötigen Spielraum, um sich auf Ihre Geschäfts­prozesse zu konzentrieren. You are saving ressource and preserving important advantages over your competitors.


Services & Technologies
Our services cover the implementation of back-end and front-end applications, as well as the integration of middleware solutions. Our developers use established programming and scripting languages and combine their expertise with the adoption of modern frameworks.


C/C++11 · Java 7+ · C#

JavaScript · PHP · Python

webMethods · DataStage · Pentaho

HTML5/CSS3 · jQuery · AngularJS

Oracle 10g+ · MSSQL 2012+
MySQL · PostgreSQL

Windows · Linux · Android · AIX · Solaris

MSVC · Eclipse · IntelliJ · Jira/Confluence

Individual procedure modelsYour project defines the model - not the other way around.

The success of a project heavily depends on the choice of a suitable process model. Although Agile Software Development is on everyone's lips nowadays, it's not suited for every project, topic or organization. Together with you, we chose the optimal model for your organization and team: either a classic project in accordance with the so-called Waterfall model or an agile realization complying with Scrum or Kanban. The implementation is carried out either directly on-site in your company or on our premises, without any further efforts for your IT staff.

Classic MethodsYour advantage through stability.

Für Softwareprojekte, die zum Beispiel auf Basis eines bestehenden Pflichtenheftes einen klar definierten Umfang und eine detaillierte Definition der Anforderungen und des Ergebnisses verfügen, eignet sich die Umsetzung mit einem klassischen Vorgehensmodell.

Classic process models are split into phases that are generally executed strictly one after the other (Waterfall model). In order to start a new phase, the results of the previous phase must have been fully documented and approved. With the termination of each phase, a detailed quality assurance test and complete documentation guarantee the quality of the phase and, ultimately, of the end results.

However, the implementation of change requests during the course of the project usually consume a significant amount of time when working with the classic. This is especially true for late phases in the project. Relevant results are often available only near the end of the project, which is why errors Dies gilt vor allem für späte Phasen im Projekt. Relevante Ergebnisse liegen häufig erst gegen Ende des Projekts vor, weshalb spät erkannte Fehler aus früheren Phasen einen ernstzunehmenden Korrekturaufwand nach sich ziehen können.

Agile MethodsYour advantage through flexibility.

In case the project goals are not clearly defined in every detail at the start of the project, or if the external influences or fluctuating conditions are expected to affect the project goals, it might be suitable to apply agile procedure model.

Agile procedure model supports the execution of a project in a number of iterations, whereby single components of a complete solution can be developed and tested independently. The test results have an impact on the requirements and on the further technical implementation of the following functions. This way the errors can be detected and corrected at an early stage. Above all, continuous delivery and approval of the intermediate well defined results can lead to modifications as well as new requirements, whose necessity has become apparent only during the project implementation, to be introduced in a quick and controlled manner. The customer can be actively engaged in the implementation process at all times, so that he can regularly and at short intervals influence further implementation priorities.

Contrary to the classical procedure model, the iterative model demands a greater effort to be put into cost control, reporting and creation of the appropriate documentation, which in turn requires a more intensive management engagement throughout the project.

Our certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) will gladly put their expertise at your disposal to guide you through every step of an agile project, if needed.


Project Management

We lead your IT project to successful completion
IT projects are complex, the software development process is dynamic. A professional management is essential for the success of a project. Our project managers focus permanently on the goal of your project and the key factors for its success - from the onception and realization, through controlling to an extensive quality assurance. Projects, where several team members are located abroad are not rare exceptions anymore. Major tasks or even the whole project is often completed remotely by international teams. In such geographically distributed project environments, flawless communication and coordination play a crucial role. We can assist you in meeting successfully and effectively the challenge of modern IT project management.

Benefit from the right process model for your project
For the management of your project we employ standardized methods, e.g. risk and stakeholder analysis, milestone planning, stand-ups, team organization. Progress on the project is documented on a daily basis and therefore evident at all times for everyone involved. The required transparency is guaranteed by the usage of well-proven collaboration tools like Microsoft TFS, Microsoft Sharepoint, Jira or Confluence.

We blend into your process model - from classic Waterfall model to agile software development complying with Scrum oder Kanban. If required, our certified Scrum Masters (CSM) and Scrum Product Owners (CSPO) assess your individual requirements and are happy to propose a model suited for your project requirements. In this way, we are able to assist you in setting up the optimal project team for your project.

International IT Project Management
We support your project with international participants as well as internationally outsourced projects, focusing on German, English, Bosnian- and Serbo-Croatian speaking regions. Misundertandings caused by insufficient proficiency in the foreign language are not uncommon. In the best case scenario, miscommunication is just a small anecdote. In a less optimistic scenario, though, it might lead to loss of time and wrong allocation of valuable project ressources. One of the main goals in every project is to optimize ressource allocation and utilization. Efficient communication is an essential factor in this process. Project managers with appropriate communication skills could make a crucial difference.


IT Consulting

Shaping changes successfully

We are happy to assist you in the analysis, optimization and completion of your challenges. Together with you, we find the right solution for your business process and consult you with your next project. According to your wishes, we provide you with suitable personnel and technics.

Requirement Engineering
You will have an opportunity to thoroughly describe your requirements in an extensive interview. After completing the analysis, we will design a concept suited to your specific requirements for a solution that will reduce your costs, increase productivity and meet your short term and long term goals.

Requirement specifications
Our experts are highly qualified and very experienced in defining requirements specification and ready to support you in this extremely important project phase, in order to come to a specification that responds to the goals of different target groups and, above all, reflects the reality in every detail.

Cost estimation
When considering a software solution implementation, the use of adequate structured procedures, goal-specific experiences and proven efficient methods is essential. Our experts will provide an impartial support in determining required resources for a realistic yet comprehensible solution implementation.

Technical specifications
Based on your requirements specification, we formulate a meaningful technical specification for you, describing possible implementation scenarios. Requirements are split up into tasks which are addressed in diverse phases of the project procedure. The process model and the technologies suitable for the project are thorougly documented. Ultimately, a complete technical specification contains all elements and components - from the analysis, through the definition of the user interface, to the technical functional description of the software.



You are facing your first IT project and don't know exactly what to expect?

Our goal is to manage your project as efficiently and transparently as possible and give you maximum control. In der gesamten Projektphase besteht eine aktive Kommunikation zwischen allen Beteiligten. We put a high priority on using modern and internationally proven methods so as to deliver a stable product to our clients.

Below, we want to provide an insight into an exemplary development process.



Step 1Customer briefing

Together with you, we will determine the expectations and the requirements that need to be met by the new software. In case of existing legacy systems, it will be investigated whether these can be further exploited, upgraded or renewed. Result of this analysis will be formulated as the first draft of requirements that will serve as basis for drafting implementation alternatives.


Step 2Requirements Analysis

Based on your requirements specification, our team will analyse the results from the first customer meetings and workshops, propose possible solutions and give a rough estimate of the necessary time and effort. During the analysis, it is planned for a discussion and the first considerations to take place concerning the choice of the right technology as well as the possibility to apply a process model (agil, classic) during the project.


Step 3Offer

We create a clear offer without obligation for your project. Just as the management of a project requires different methods depending on the type and phase of the project, the financing models should be flexible too. We offer maximum flexibility and transparency also in this regard.

Generally we distinguish between the following contractual models:


Fixed price & Deadline
All specifications, use cases, technologies, deadlines and ressources are clearly defined.

 MaYaITC carries the entire risk of the project.
Time & Material
Project specifications are incomplete or not available. Technical requirements are defined imprecisely. The product to be developed is an individual solution.

 The project budget will be stated in labor hours or man days and can be changed flexibly.
Dedicated Team
Many parts of the project's specification are defined only vaguely. The design, technical and implementation goals as well as deadlines still have to be discussed and defined.

 We complement your existing employees on your premises with our expertise. You keep full control over the process and the budget.


Step 4Contract

Once we agree on the scope and the price of the project, a contract is prepared which lists the services we will provide and any other conditions we have agreed to.




Step 5Specifications & Design

Your ideas and requirements are put down on paper and documented. A basic architecture and logical structure guarantee a smooth implementation. For documentations, we employ modern wiki tools like Confluence.


Step 6Implementation

Once the specifications and design have been agreed upon, our team starts implementing your project. In case of an agile project, the implementation phases are split up into several "Sprints" (generally with a duration of two weeks) which lead to a well-defined and presentable prototype. As a matter of course we rely on proven tools like SVN and GIT during the implementation; the project's progress is documented with the help of modern collaboration and project management tools like Jira and MS TFS.


Step 7Quality Assurance

Every completed implementation task is accompanied by intensive unit tests which guarantee the quality of the deliverable. Errors are identified early and possible new requirements are incorporated into the design documents, so they can be addressed in one of the subsequent iterations of the implementation phase.


Step 8Fixes & Detail Improvement

We're tackling the finishing touch. The results of the user acceptance tests as well as the code reviews are compiled to eliminate potential errors in advance. In case of an agile project, retrospectives ensure continuous quality of the specified requirements, while further planning defines the next implementation tasks for the subsequent sprint.




Step 9Inspection & Acceptance

After the successful presentation of the realized project, you inspect it and accept its delivery. Acceptance will take place as defined in the implementation plan - of course we go along with you during the Go-Live. At this point, all assets and collected documents are in your possession.


Step 10Project completion

Unless further questions remain, the project is completed with your acceptance. We will actively ask for your feedback regarding the realization of the project and hope that we have been able to add you to our list of satisfied customers.


Optional: Step 11Support & Maintenance

We are happy to continue supporting you after the project's completion with a transparent maintenance contract or Service Level Agreement tailored to your needs.

Through regular maintenance and updates, your system will be kept constantly up-to-date. This would provide for a possibility to detect and recognize possible function errors early, before they develop into a full blown problem. Regular maintenance is therefore essential, especially for business-critical applications.

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